Why Men LIE To Women They Love

Do ALL men lie to women they love? According to relationship expert Michael Fiore they do.

Fiore (who’s appeared on the Rachael Ray show as well as countless radio shows and in many, many magazines) say even “good guys” lie to women they love each and every day . . . and it’s not for the reasons women think.

“So many women think the guys in their lives are either princes or jerks,” says Fiore, “but the truth is more frightening and more complicated than that.”

Mr. Fiore recently put together a controversial video in which he explains the REAL reason men lie to women they love . . . why men CHEAT on women . . . why men don’t communicate . . . and many of the other questions that drive women crazy about men and make it impossible for women to have the relationships they want.

“There’s one simple step to having the relationship of your dreams,” Mr. Fiore says “And that’s truly understanding the minds of men.”

Watch the Video Here

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i'm interested in knowing more... i have dated only 4 guys in my life time...each lasting years...i ask myself everyday what went wrong? did he really love me or was it all just a lie! every question he mentioned in the video i have been askin myself for year and more so here recently cause i jus lost someone who means alot to me and even tho i'm tryin to be his friend right now, everything he had recently put me threw keeps poppin up in my head...and i get angry and sad and i want to know why things were said, lies were told...etc...and most of all if he was so happy why did he do what he did to me? i would pay $64 for this if i could but i cant so i'm still going to be tossin and turnin at night wondering why and the truth about men and what they think but can't say...and more!


Is obvious that both parties lie bt to whom they love must has a different meaning...some lie to keep hold of their mates...i mean it's like lieing cz u don't wana get caught cz u value it...it's just like a way to maintain what u value most bt not in all cases some lie, just for selfish reasons....


It's interesting that we men are being brainwashed into believing that somehow what women want and think, is intrinsically 'right or correct' and that what men want is fundamentally wrong and flawed. Men should do everything they can to understand and accommodate a woman's desires and wishes, but it doesn't seem to work the other way round. Very odd. I'd have thought any relationship worth its salt would be based on mutually understanding and trying to accommodate each other's needs etc, if that can be achieved.


I have heard the biggest lie women tell is they can count the man they had sex with on one hand. I ask my ex what she think about when she played with herself. She said that the battery don't run out.


Very true! everybody lies! Because we all human and weak in some way and we don't to admit we are someone we are not proud of. I am not saying it's good to lie. But before you lie you have to make sure other party never find out though.:) then it's very effective lie. Otherwise, your lie become meaningless. Most people lie to someone they love with good intention. Don't want other party get hurt. But, keep this in mind, liar! If you are horrible liar, you better don't do it. Because you let other people find it out the truth themselves, they will get hurt even more. If so, you are not nice at all!!! That's where is the pain comes from...


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EVERYONE lies. Anyone who says differently is lying. It should be incredibly obvious.


Let's talk about all the ways in which this is miserably unethical (ironically so).

1. The original poster of this probably gets commissions from the use of a personalized link (the HERE NOW link, or the Incredible Video link). If not, and the person who posted this is honestly convinced that the video is legit. In which case I am sorry for the accusation; you're helping a scam.

That wouldn't be an issue if the link wasn't a blatant attempt to capitalize on women's emotions. Furthermore, the women to whom this is targeted are those who are emotionally injured in some way shape or form. This is scummy and repulsive.

2. The book/CDs/DVDs, I assure you, teach nothing that you can't intuit or talk about with someone. Literally anyone with a brain. Why would anyone pay $67 for this? Emotional trauma. See point 1.

3. Women do lie, too. Everyone is human. Everyone wants to protect themselves and protect those they love (or in some cases, admittedly, "love"). I've lied in relationships. Most people have. Why did you lie when you did?

Boom. Answer.

It saddens me that people would try to make money off of other people's pain. Please don't fund this abomination.


I agree with what you wrote!


BUT Women lie too!!!


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