Tips to Getting Back with your EX

A break up is never easy and it can really leave a gaping hole in your heart. After it happens there are so many emotions flowing through your body and mind that it can be difficult to know what to do next. 

One option and the simplest option at that is to move on. To have a fresh start in life and try to get some space... some time for you to find yourself and reconnect with old friends and family etc. This is always very difficult to start with but get so much easier as time passes by. 

This method is especially easy to do if you were the one that ended the relationship and if you have that passion to move on. 

The problem however is that sometimes the relationship has ended when maybe it didnt need to. Maybe during the relationship you didnt take the time to chat and took each other for granted. Maybe you or your partner were unhappy but didn't take the time to speak to each other. It is a fact that when couples take the time to chat and patch things over, just a few words can put things back on track. 

If these words are not spoken, the relationship can get onto down hill and eventually lead to a break up. 

How to get your ex back

There is another option though. Something you can do after the relatinoship is over if you want to get your ex back again. Even if they have met someone else, remember that the new partner does not know them as well as you do so in the early stages you still have a chance of puttiing things back together. 

The key is to realsie that your old relationship is OVER. It is over because it was not right. You may have had all the right pieces but they were not put together in the right way to be effective. 

If you can make this realisation that you cant go back to the old relationship and that trying to rectify the problems you had is most likely going to be futile, you are on the right step to getting your ex back. 

I know this probably sounds a bit confusing but at the time time it does make sense when I explain in more detail. 

Your ex didnt like something about you or your relatinoship that they probably had no problem with in the past. Something may have changed or you may have changed without realising it. 

People do not react well to begging letters, emails and texts. Stalker behaviour is definately not a good look. There is a way though. A few simple texts sent to them at the right time. This is so critical! If you get it right and you say the right things you can have some excellent results. 

There are right and wrong ways to do this and it really is a fine line between making things worse and winning back your ex'es heart. For detealied information to help you get this right check out this tutorial.

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