I NEED Revenge So Badly. And Legally.

I've been researching on how to get revenge on my cheating ex, and it says the best revenge is to forgive on every. single. site. Well, I tried that. I tried so hard. But I hate his guts so much that I want him to hurt like he's made me hurt. I know with every fiber of my being that it will make me feel SO much better. It will give me the ability to stop dreaming about it (I am not exaggerating when I say this...I am literally dreaming about getting revenge on him every night). So, I would like to know if any of you fine citizens of the relationship surgery community had any top notch ideas on how to legally get revenge on a cheater. Keyword: legally. FYI, harmless pranks like liquid @$$ and fart candles will not suffice. I need something REALLY good. Like I said before, something that could possibly make him feel the way I felt when I found out he had been cheating.


Dear anonymous, i've been in a similar situation too (you can read my story) and i know exactly how much this feeling hurts. The best revange is not forgivness coz it bothers me too when i read this stupid advice, but its actually being a better version of who you are. Be the best you can. Be sexy if you dont workout start doing it now. Be beautiful and take more care of yourself. Be successful. Be everything he wants. And thats gonna give him sleepless night without even trying to harm him.
Thats my advice, at least your putting your energy in the right place where it benefits you and destroy him at the same time.


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