My gf cheated on me for 5 years??

My girlfriend of 7 years cheated on me with my bestfriend for 5 years? i would never thought i be on these sites, but here iam looking for answers Me and my girlfriend been together for over 7 years only couple of days ago she dropped a bomb shell on me saying she's been having an affair on me with my best friend my heart sunk, i was heart broken to be hearing this we met in 2010 till now we still together 2017 and the affair started 2012 when we met, till 2017which is over 5 years i dont know what to think or to say to her she's confessed eveything to me about the affair such as time, places, when and where i asked why she's doing this to me as i have been a loving caring boyfriend always supported her and we have done a lot of traveling around spain and Europe and she lives with me in my house, no kids she tells me its all her fault, she didn't intend to hurt me in any way she's says she's remorse full and she couldnt go on with the lies anymore and it was just sex with him, it didn't mean anything i can't tell u guys how im feeling right now as i have not drank any water or eaten any food for over 3days now and my sleep pattern is all over the place, im deveasted and heart broken as i dont understand why she's doing all this to me she says it was only sex with him and she felt that she had to end it with him as she relized her love for me, and now she talks about starting a family with me and marraige, im so so confused, i still love her as we have been together for over 7 years but this is too much to swollow If there's anyone who like to comment please do as im looking for answers Thank You For


I think she really loves you as she said but she was really selfish also. Maybe its only just sex problem between two of you, perhaps you did not satisfied her enough. She knows that you have been so nice to her while she was playing behind your back. Now that she wants to remove her sin by confacing it. I know its hard to swallow plus your relationship is almost a decade but. Your life belongs to you now its depend on you, people come and go do not feel wasted of time. Everything that came across in your life was to teach you and make you grow. I hope get over this situation asap.

Ps. She should not be a mother of your child, otherwise he/she would be named a son/daughter of b**ch.