Dreaming about sex with my ex

I have been dreaming about having sex with my ex for about over a year now and I've come to the point now where I have had enough and I don't know what to do. He was my first love and I was with him from the age of 15 to about 17. I have had 2 relationships since then. The person I am with now I've been with for 3 years however our sex life is nothing like it was with my ex, it isn't passionate, he doesn't pleasure me like my ex did. My ex now has a new girlfriend and this is his first girlfriend since me. I think this has upset me a bit and made me realise I'm not over him, which I guess could be why I'm dreaming about sex with him? I actually messaged him and asked to speak to him as I want to know if he feels the same way still about me. Although I do have a boyfriend and I feel really guilty. Please can someone give me some advice, this is driving me up the wall.


It sounds like you are still in love with your ex. There is nothing to be ashamed of within this matter. You never forget your 1st. The one thing that we do sometimes is compare our past relationships with our current and or future relationship. I would be honest with your current guy tell him that their is something missing within your relationship? But it is not all on him sometimes we start relationships when our heart is still with someone else. What happened between you and your ex? Why did you guys break up?

Relentless Lamar
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