Are Mail Order Brides Real?

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atrueloveme asked 2 years ago

To answer the question of whether or not mail order brides exist, the answer depends on your interpretation of a mail order bride. The original mail order bride can be traced back to the American frontier, where there were very few women compared to the population of men.
These men wanted the company of a loving wife, so they sent in ads to the local newspaper to express their desire to meet and marry a good woman.
Women would see these ads, and respond to those they were interested in, and they communicated via letters and would often send the men photographs of themselves. If enough time has passed, then they might decide to get married. This is where the first mail order brides originally come from.
With the boom of the Internet age, the mail order bride industry has evolved to adapt to meet demand. Instead of pen and paper correspondence, men and women can communicate via email and video chat. Instead of waiting months before they can see each other’s faces, all it takes is a few clicks of a button. Nowadays, the mail order bride industry is a lot more like regular online dating.
The largest company in the industry, A Foreign Affair, or, offers everything you need to meet a foreign bride online. Services like translation services, gift giving, and their ever famous romance tours, where small groups of men are introduced to literally hundreds of men, are offered, at the lowest possible cost.
This is completely different from the picture commonly painted by the media of the poor guy unable to meet any women and picking out a woman to be shipped to him to be his wife. The men and women who meet on these tours genuinely fall in love with each other, and neither one is forced into marriage.
The reason why these men and women choose to register on these sites is simple: for the men, they cannot find the right woman for them in their home country. For the women, they want a mature man who is serious about his wife and family.
Mail order brides do exist, but not in the typical sense of the term. The mail order brides of today are simply women who are looking to meet and fall in love with a good and honest man who will love and take care of them.