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Nathan asked 5 years ago

I was dating my ex for 2 years and everything was going fine. Overall we had a great relationship.. Fights here and there like every normal relationship. He was my first love and first real relationship so there was a lot of things that I had to learn, get used to and he was pretty patient for the most part. Because it was my first relationship I obviously wanted to spend all of my time with him and didn’t understand that you do need time apart to live your own lives and do other things. Anyway long story short he went on vacation for a week with his family and when he came back he was a completely different person. He says he wasn’t happy with himself and his life and he wants to do all these things and feels like he hasn’t accomplished anything. He ended up ending things with me because he couldn’t be in a relationship and attain his goals because he felt like I was holding him back. Everytime we spoke after the breakup it was a different reason as to why he ended things.. I didn’t make him happy.. Everything always had to be my way…i said mean things when I was mad. I was able to admit to my mistakes and realize these things but he said it was too late. A month and went by and I found out that he was talking to someone. Funnily enough he met this girl when he went on that trip with his family. He claims they are just friends and that it had nothing to do with her which I think is bull. He claims he wanted to end things with me from before but just didn’t know how. Did this girl seal the deal for him? Maybe it’s because they are the same ethnicity? He thinks they will have more in common. What he did to me was an asshole move and I can’t get past it. Mind you he was heartless about the whole situation and treated me like I was nothing. I deleted him off my fb after I saw this status he posted. In short words he was calling this girl a special someone! We literally just broke up. How fucked up is that? Is he worth crying over? How do I get over this? To make things worse he broke up with me right when my grandfather died and I needed him the most. Men I tell you!! What should I do readers???