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how to proceed.

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orangeflower asked 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I was dating a girl for 4 months. We are both in our mid 20s. We had amazing physical connection and we would see each other about once every week or two weeks. Thing is we never discussed what our relationship was, what her intentions were. She started acting distant, ignoring my text not texting. So one day I just sent her an email asking what’d going on and told her that I liked her, and my intentions towards her. Being that I would be ready to take what we have to a more serious relationship. She responded saying she also wanted to talk about this, how she doesn’t think it can get serious between us and understands if I don’t want to see her again. So I respond how I don’t just want to be her friend and that we shouldn’t see each other if we don’t have the same i intentions. So I block and delete her off Facebook and I ended it. About a week after I ended it I get a miss call from her. I didn’t call back but simply sent a sad emoticon. She replied saying “sorry I didn’t mean to call..my phone dialed accidentally..hope ypu are doing well…” I really miss her and here’s what I said next. “Look I’ve been doing some reflection this past week. We really spend nice time together. It would be great to keep seeing each other with no expectations and pressure and just see where it leads..” She responds “are you sure you would be able to not get attached and not get any expectations? ” I responded “yes, since I know your intentions now, before I didn’t know where we were heading” She replies “Ok yes we can continue seeing each other. But I don’t want you to have any expectations and If ever you feel hurt I need you to tell me because I don’t want you to get hurt.” I responded with “don’t worry I will be honest with you”  She replies “sounds good ” Now it’s been a week since that conversation and I haven’t talked to her since. I’m not sure what I should do.  Should I slowly start re adding her on Facebook?  I decided to wait it out and not start asking her to hang out so soon. Don’t worry, I know she doesn’t want a relationship with me. And I have been starting to look elsewhere and talking to other girls.