My guy literally fell off the face of the Earth

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Histre asked 9 months ago

Me and this guy…we’ll call him Jason…have known each other since middle school, and all these years he has chased after me. I recently got out of a long term relationship. Jason reached out to me when he heard about the break up, and gave me a shoulder to lean on. Over the next few weeks we started talking intimately and decided to get into a relationship. He was the one who initiated it and wanted to make it Facebook official. He also told me he loved me, which seemed a little too soon but since we’ve known each other for so long I didn’t think it was that far-fetched. Everything was totally normal–he texted me “good morning beautiful” every single day up until two weeks ago. Haven’t heard a word from him at all. He hasn’t even been on Facebook. Absolutely nothing. I even reached out to his brother who didn’t really know anything, but he told me to just leave it alone. I know the most likely scenario here is that Jason’s ghosting me and I’ve come to terms with that. But I still wonder if he’s in jail or if some crazy thing happened, and he can’t get in contact with me. It’s just that I need some kind of closure so I can move on. I’m contemplating getting out in the dating world again and I don’t want to start something with someone new, only for Jason to suddenly pop back up and tell me that he wasn’t ghosting me. I do feel like if he really cared about me, he’d find some way to let me know if something has happened. To the men reading this, wouldn’t you do that for the woman you care about? Anyway, I’m not really sure what I’m asking here, so any advice will be greatly appreciated.