First chat after no contact with Ex help!

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Helen_Martin asked 7 months ago

Hello. So I split with my ex 3 weeks ago which it was a mutual decision. We talked just as normal the few days after and it was all fine. He still wanted to keep contact but I asked him if we didn’t talk for a while as I was hurting and wanted to process the break-up. He was very understanding and said give me a text or phone call if you need anything. It has been 2 weeks and I text him yesterday for the first time. I said hey hope all is well and asked him if he knew about the concert that was coming up. He replied quickly and seemed alright. He asked if I’d been upto much and I told him. As the conversation progressed he seemed to act more distant. Like he didn’t talk his usual way. He was being quite short with answers and he never really asked any questions to me. I haven’t spoke to him today. Should I wait a few days before texting again or would it be fine to give him a message today? I’m not sure if me cutting contact hurt him and why he acted a little cold. Any thoughts and advice would be nice!