Why can’t we be friends?

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Missy22 asked 6 years ago

So this guy that I dated on and off for a year and a half doesn’t wanna be my friend whenever we break up. I feel like he just doesn’t even care that we broke up at all. I miss him (as a friend) and this time it looks like we are not getting back together. We break up for days maybe a week at a time, and at most a month, but he always says how he doesn’t wanna be my friend. Whether it’s him breaking up with me or me breaking up with him. I know it’s not healthy to do that but do I have to lose a good friend because of it. This time it looks like we are not getting back together because it has been months since we even talked. He won’t even be civil with me like when I saw him in the hall at school, I smiled at him and he just gave me a dirty look and looked away. But when my friends say they see him, he apparently can’t take his eyes off me. He has to be over me since he is back with his ex of almost 4 years before me.