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2much2handle asked 6 years ago

So, i dated this man i loved to death for half a decade. It was that kind of love you only know once in life, that makes you sick after a fight or you can almost die in thinking of a break up. The problem is, he was abusive. I was humilliated in front of others several times and got physically hurt another few.

After a while i started to get sick of him ignoring me and all the other things. The very last fight, which caused the break up, had a stupid reason but he decided to ignore me for 2 days, for a thing that was his fault. I got over very fast because i got tired of the way he treated me, plus the things that built in the past. Never came back, is like the love died in 1 day.

I’ve met a guy in between these happenings and he is truly sweet. We r totally look-alikes, same tastes for music, food, life expectations. I truly like him and feel something really good is going on between us.

Meanwhile, my ex, that still doesn’t know i am with this guy, started to suffer with the loss. I was the one to always fix the fights, the ones i got abused included. This last one I didn’t and he is a bit crazy. He doesn’t want to let me go, doesn’t leave me alone and as an observer, i saw he is still lying to me about a lot of small things (he did this too many times before), unknown girls on his profiles, etc. He’s stressing the h**l out of me and now is saying he is going to die if i leave him for real. I’m not in love anymore, but i am yes scared since he’s talking about suicide.

What should i do with him? Any good advice? Anyone passed through this before? What’s the best way to dismiss in silence?