Am I suppose to walk away?

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faithful asked 6 years ago

Should I be blaming myself that things aren’t working. My ex and I broke things off recently, we were having so many problems, I feel like it was all a trust issue things we could have worked out. We had been dating for awhile, he was ready for us to get married.. and I was too indecisive to say yes. At first I wasn’t entirely honest that I wasn’t ready but eventually it all came out when I couldn’t handle the idea of it anymore. Needless to say we broke up, he moved out. And now it’s like he hates me. I didn’t say I never do.. just not right now. I feel like we should take our time. Our relationship was far from.perfect, but I know we were happy. We said we were going to continue to talk and try to make things work, so we both could have what we wanted. And at first he seemed like he wanted to.. now things are super far gone. After the break up he became distant and I can tell he is mad at me. How can I get him to see that we can be committed without this. I know our relationship is worth saving, but I feel like he ahas given up. I am still crazy ab him. ALL the fighting and harsh things said add up to nothing to me. I just want to get past this and work things out. but now he seems like that will never be an option to him. Yet he keeps telling me that he loves me, he just needs time and space. Does he really want me to leave him alone? And if he does why does he continue to talk to me.. should I walk away before this situation hurts me more? I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to lose him, but I do want him to be happy. Can all of this really be my fault?