Lying, Stealing, and Mental Illness…………BAD MIXTURE??????????

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Lost_wandering_heart asked 6 years ago

Dont even know where to begin…… I have been friends with my recent ex boyfriend for 13 years. We werent very close friends but there was always the physical  attraction.  We started dating May 2, 2011 and have been on a roller coater ride ever since.  We both suffer from mental illness but I have mine under control and he is just starting to realize he has a mental illness.  He is in jail for the second time right now til October.  After fighting with me for 12 hours over nothing once again, the cops showed up and he wouldnt listen to them so they arrested him.  He blames me ……  because I accidentally called them.  This is just one inncedent.  He has went to jail once before when we had been drinking…..  I have caught him lying when certtain things of mine came up missing. Not really important things but that isnt the point right? Also caught him talking to his rcent ex soon after we had gotten together on the computer…..  I have no problem with him talking with his exes but not the one I took him from you know.  I have caught him ion so many small lies that I felt I couldnt trust him.

The fighting escalated this last year.  To the point that it wasnt all th e time anymore but when we did it was always my fault , he would keep it going for 8+ hours over nothing, and finally he raised his hand to me!!!!  

I could go on and on but my problem is this,,,,,I LOVE HIM 🙁  I didnt leave because I didnt love him I left before it became physically abusive.  He is 29 and I am 37 and I know he needs to fimd himself before he will be happy with anyone. I just dont have it in me to wait for that to happen.  I dont think we can be together and have that happen. Also he just started on medication and with counseling.  It is going to be awhile before he gets where he needs to be with that also.  What do I do????  I havent talked or written him in two months….his family hates me and blames me for all his problems and he wrote me after his family filled his head with a bunch of nonsense tellinjg me not to talk to him ever again 🙁  I am trying to stay friends because we have alot of mutual friends.  Do I write him anyway?  Do I wait for him?  Should I get back with him?  Please help my tortured heart find some peace………..