Should i Leave??

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Micheal_Jacques asked 6 years ago

My ex Girlfriend and i have been on and off for four years now.And during that time we’ve argued for seemingly every month. usually petty arguements. I told her that no relationship is perfect and no one will have the exact same ideas as you. she insist that we should break up.  and i respect her wishes and we break up ut she always comes back to me

In the relationship am the one that makes most of the money and so my focus is her college fees, her mother’s health which is deterating and paying our bills. her prioties are clothes and makeup. One day while surfing facebook i noticed she was logged on after  a guy started a chat i noticed it was her ex boyfriend before me, i Read the messages they were sending each other and was sick to my stomach, They were saying how much they still love each other and how he wanted to marry her. while she said she was still waiting on him to ask.

Needless to say we broke up but her mother somehow got us to rekindled but the relationship had lost it’s trust and the arguments worsen. Now she’s broken up with me again and this time am done for sure i’ve moved out and am talking to someone now but it’s hard to forget the fun we’ve had. and hard to invest into anyone else like i did with her. I was in love really thought she was the one. But how can she be when she fliirts with alot of guys and betrayed me. I’ve heard she’s finding it hard to pay her bills and her mother texts me eveyday she says she ask about me. But i need to make a decesion. I know i need to Leave but has anyone ever been in this type of situation and it works out later down the road. The excuse the mother gave is she’s young and will relise that she wont easily find a guy like me .What should i do.