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I want him back.

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savannahxx29 asked 6 years ago

We broke up a few days ago. This past week he hardly wanted to see me. The other night I called and asked him why he’s been so distant, and he said that he’s unsure that he can handle this relationship with all the time he has to spend doing other stuff, and that the relationship was more serious than he could handle right now. This exact thing has happened about once every 4-5 months, normally when classes or his drum core start back up and his schedule gets hectic, but normally we get through it within a few days. I know he’s doing it because I smother him. I just don’t realize it until this happens. I’m really afraid he doesn’t want me back this time though. We had made a lot of important plans this weekend that he didn’t keep, and he was pretty quick to make it official on Facebook, even though he didn’t tell his mom (who called me for a different reason, unaware of what was happening) or any of his other family. He lives with his parents and I live with mine, but the weekend before last he bought two bunnies with me, and we spent the weekend building them a cage and everything. These are the first pets we’ve had together, and they are kept outside so it is a pretty time consuming pet when it comes to feeding them and all that, why would he get those for me if he had planned to leave me? I mean we just spent two months together at the beach, and were closer than ever. Even though I was being clingy, I didn’t think he’d leave me forever. Whenever I tell him to think about the memories, he just says that I’m trying to trick him back into a relationship and that it isn’t fair to get in his head like that. He’s talked to me a little (only when I text or call), and he said it upsets him when he thinks about it. He ignores most of my calls and texts, which I’ve stopped doing now, but the first day was probably a text every hour. If he wanted me and had any intention of getting back with me, wouldn’t he text/call me first even once? We’ve been together almost 2 years, and he’s my best friend. I know he still has feelings for me, he was just getting smothered. When we got those bunnies, he was talking about our future plans, and seemed genuinely serious about us. I know texting him so often the first day didn’t help but I can’t change that now. I want to give him space, but what if he forgets about me? What should I do?