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Post break up- what to do?

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Me_Myself_I asked 6 years ago

I met this guy through a dating website 4 months ago. He is 5 years older and a lot more experienced than me with regards to relationships and physical intimacy. In the first few months, things were going incredibly well. We spoke most of the day and if we didnt, he would message me and check up on me. He would be forthcoming about telling me he cared for me, and I was special for him. He even wanted to make overseas holiday plans. We intially only spoke over the phone and then when we did start meeting, he was very keen to get physically intimate very early on- in the 2nd meeting. He felt that to be an important part of the relationship. He did put in efforts from his end where he travelled interstate every weekend to meet me but slowely started being demanding with regards to getting more physical intimacy. I am inexperienced and shy which did not help. Moreover, I felt we needed to give it some time before jumping into the physical aspect. After 4 months, he voiced that he was unhappy emotionally and physically and did not feel anything for me- rather never felt for me. He says he knows himself and he knows that what he is feeling…and he is decided and knows we arent right for each other. I just want to know whether there is any way to save the relationship? and if he is confused or definately decied? and what to think/do at this stage. I have already spoilt the initial post break up period by msging him a lot rather than giving him space…and that msging pushed him away further.