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It’s like an apple forgetting when a worm snuck inside him… it’s impossible

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thatguy asked 6 years ago

I am now 16 going on 17 and in 6th grade I met my ex, (and let’s just call her) J, and we were together all 6th grade year but weren’t serious because we were still kids. 6th grade year went by and that summer we broke up for a couple of weeks but then got back together. That day we got back together we didn’t break up until 8th grade year. The reason why we broke up was because I was supposed to move but I couldn’t leave her because I was falling in love with her. She was my closet friend and basically my one and only girlfriend all throughout middle school and I say basically because we were off and on. While we were separated we promised each other we would not stop talking to each other and we kept that promise but that just made it harder to get over her. Freshman year, I showed up with flowers and I told her “I cannot leave someone who has been with me through thick and thin” and she replied with “I’m sorry but I’ve got a new boyfriend” and I had to live with that for about a month. She broke up with him for me. We got back together and we fell in love. Going out on dates daily, hanging out with one another’s family,and just being together all the time. We lasted from Freshman year to two weeks yesterday and all together we were basically together for 4 years and within those four years we had sex, met each others parents, went on vacation together and went on countless dates. She is the best thing that has ever happend to me and we have so many memories together and it feels like it is nearly impossible to forget her, our relationship, and our memories. Someone please give me suggestions or advice.