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Depressed and want to get away from this world!!

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lonelyconfused asked 6 years ago

I’m in the process of divorcing my husband…and I know that it is the right thing to do. He has some serious sexual addictions that he has lied about….and tried to cover up…even after I have asked him point blank if he had a problem. The ball has been in his court multiple times….recently it has gotten to be too much for me to handle. I found his E-Mail open….and just as most people would do that have to deal with this sort of “secrecy” I looked through it. He had been placing adds on Craigslist “I Love Older Women! The Older the Better”……”Looking for Grandma”…I also found some replies that he posted on other womens adds….asking “Is B****N (our town)too far?” Teacher’s add “I volunteer”…Married womans add…”Im married too! I can help you out.” He also submitted a couple of indecent pictures…that he took with my daughter home in living space of the house…not even in private. So I know…Divorce is the right thing to do. But how? How do I get by without a support system? I have a couple of kids (21 & 24) that only contact me when they need something….they have busy lives, and a 14 year old. I have a sister that lives 600 miles away who is ill….and a brother who lives 1600 miles away…who is also ill. Sure…I have a few friends….more like “associates.” I don’t have anybody to go shopping with…or out with. What if there are issues with something at home…guess I need to find a repair man. I have been alone before…and I don’t like it at all. If any of you have experienced the feeling…you know where I am coming from. It is a horrible feeling. How do I cope? What do I do? I just wanna go crawl in a hole. No family, no friends…the man who was my best friend betrayed me….feeling useless…worthless…my confidence is gone…what’s the use aye? Why am I even here?