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Would you get back with an ex that slept with someone else?

HomeCategory: BreakupsWould you get back with an ex that slept with someone else?
savannahxx29 asked 6 years ago

My ex and I broke up not too long ago after dating a year and a half. I’m pretty sure he still has feelings for me, but I was basically the only girl he has ever been with. He left me because he felt it was getting too serious, and he was too committed to me for his age. I know he wants to experience other girls, mostly out of curiousity. He never cheated though, which I respect him for. I feel like I would never forgive him (IF he ever came back). Is that wrong of me to do? Some people say that I should never forgive him, and some people say that it would make us stronger in the end because IF he came back, it would mean he figured out I was the one. But, I dated a lot more guys before him, so I got the curiosity out of my system. I feel like I dated enough guys to know what I wanted, and be fine with having him the rest of my life, but since he only dated one girl other than me, he never got to experience it. But on the other hand, I feel like he had his chance with me, and even though we aren’t together, being with another girl means we would be done forever. Am I being unfair?