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Moving on?

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chichester94 asked 7 years ago

I dated my ex boyfriend for just over a year and we broke up October 2011.. We met through friends and soon became very close. Best friends even..

After a few years we started dating and everything was perfect. He was the perfect boyfriend.. I always felt at ease and so happy with him, we fell head over heels, and spoke about a future together many a time.. After about 6 months, he suddenly ended things, but soon got back together.

Then in Oct 2011 he ended things again, and left me heartbroken. We tried to remain friends as best we could, but now he hardly talk. I saw him in a nightclub a few weeks back, and he kissed me. All my feelings I tried to tell myself were gone, all came flooding back in that instant. I’m still in love with him and don’t know what to do.

Does he still like me? Or was I just going to be a one night fling? I’ve dated a couple of guys since then, but nothing serious.. I keep holding out hope for us, because of things he says and the way he acts when I do see him. Am I just heading for another heartbreak, or should I tell him how I feel?