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lostnotloved asked 6 years ago

I recently broke it off with my boyfriend of almost 7 years I loved the man but don’t think I really knew him. He constantly lied and always said he “wanted to be a family”. Hia life but always seemed to be too busy for me or our child. I felt for some time he was cheating and found out he truly was. I gave it my all but it was never about us it was always about him and what he had. For several months my daughter and I stayed with friends or in motels cause I just couldn’t find a home I could afford. Now that were in our own home he started coming back around. I found out he was still with the other woman and ignored any and all messages or phone calls. Around a week ago he told me he loved me and wanted to come home with us. And felt like he belonged here. Find out he’s still with the other woman. So I told him its completely over and that he can keep her I am done. None of my friends and family will ever trust him again nor will I. I can’t even believe him anymore cause all he does is lie. Why does he constantly make me feel like the bad person? Is it some kind of power trip or a way to get what he wants? When you constantly lie your life becomes a lie. And so many people are affected by it. I just want to be happy again and understand why. Which I don’t think I will.