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Openkim asked 6 years ago • 
What should i do with my husband?

I am 31 and have 1 kid from my 1st marriage and now a 6 months old baby from my current husband. My husband have … Continue reading “What should i do with my husband?”

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Openkylie asked 6 years ago • 
why is he ignoring me now

I was with my partner for 2 and half years , we got on great he moved in with me but he had an ex … Continue reading “why is he ignoring me now”

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OpenTiostiont asked 6 years ago • 

Plz help.advise me.Hi evryone.iv had a very bad breakup,7yrs ago we met fell in love evrything was good untill one day he came at my … Continue reading “AM I WRONG??”

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Opengally asked 6 years ago • 

my sister beaten up everyday with the drunkard husband they have been married for 12ys now no children two weeks ago she cem to my … Continue reading “stagnant”

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Openmissmightymouse asked 6 years ago • 
Moving on

What should I do?  I was in a long term relationship that was abusive – I recognised this and broke free.  I meet the love … Continue reading “Moving on”

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OpenConfused_heart asked 6 years ago • 
i have no idea what to do about my ex

I have been seeing my ex for almost 2 years when she broke up with me. The reason being that we were not having fun … Continue reading “i have no idea what to do about my ex”

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Openheartbreak asked 6 years ago • 
thinking bout leaveing him

How do you let someone down without them going crazy telling them you don’t love them anymore and it hasn’t been the same in months … Continue reading “thinking bout leaveing him”

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OpenFuture_Social_Worker asked 6 years ago • 
To people that are going through hard time making decision with your relationship, READ THIS

I know it’s a REPOSt, but i think before asking people, you will KNOW what to do after reading this post ! As anyone living … Continue reading “To people that are going through hard time making decision with your relationship, READ THIS”

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OpenMarisa_Rojo asked 6 years ago • 
Do you think he will get his life straight and come back?

So after compulsively dating for 3 years, I decided to stop dating. That’s when Matt came into my life (after moving into my bldg.-my floor … Continue reading “Do you think he will get his life straight and come back?”

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OpenWillGetThru asked 6 years ago • 
Feeling left behind….

Today is my would-be 8 anniversary with my ex-bf. So, I kind of expected to be a little sad, if not really sad. My boyfriend … Continue reading “Feeling left behind….”

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OpenMinerva asked 6 years ago • 
I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do

My boy, let’s call him L are from 2 different countries and we met in a third country 3 and a half years ago and … Continue reading “I’m desperate and I don’t know what to do”

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OpenK asked 6 years ago • 
wanting my X back..

Conversation content…I met this great guy and we dated for 3 months,and he broke up with me saying he wasnt ready and then he said … Continue reading “wanting my X back..”

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OpenThe_Doctor asked 6 years ago • 
How to Get Over Someone

If you have not already seen his work, this is a video by the relationship master that is M Farouk. I first heard about him … Continue reading “How to Get Over Someone”

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OpenLivewire asked 6 years ago • 
Do you have wings?NO Do You have a Beak?NO.so quit shittin on people!!

So, its like this… I’ve know this guy.. like 20 years… we were together 8 and a half (broke in june) I say broke up.. … Continue reading “Do you have wings?NO Do You have a Beak?NO.so quit shittin on people!!”

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Opennice_girl asked 6 years ago • 
im so messed up!!

I was with my ex for 15 months we broke up 1wi week ago as i found out he was txting another girl it was … Continue reading “im so messed up!!”

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