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OpenMicheal_Jacques asked 6 years ago • 
Should i Leave??

My ex Girlfriend and i have been on and off for four years now.And during that time we’ve argued for seemingly every month. usually petty … Continue reading “Should i Leave??”

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OpenJonGB asked 6 years ago • 
I’m miserable with him, I’m miserable without him

So I’ve been with this guy for almost a year and a half. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I can’t forgive him for the past. … Continue reading “I’m miserable with him, I’m miserable without him”

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OpenJJsaDork asked 6 years ago • 
Can I get my Ex back?

Me and my girlfriend ( I hate saying Ex) were together for almost 8 years. We met online when we were 17-18 and I moved … Continue reading “Can I get my Ex back?”

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OpenWillGetThru asked 6 years ago • 
How to move on from a 7 year relationship?

My ex-bf and I were together for a long time, broke up 5 months ago. Things just didn’t work out and were off and all … Continue reading “How to move on from a 7 year relationship?”

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OpenLittletoLate asked 6 years ago • 
Madly in love with my past.

So I dont know exactly what advice I am looking for I am just looking for opinions. I am madly in love with my now … Continue reading “Madly in love with my past.”

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OpenLost_wandering_heart asked 6 years ago • 
Lying, Stealing, and Mental Illness…………BAD MIXTURE??????????

Dont even know where to begin…… I have been friends with my recent ex boyfriend for 13 years. We werent very close friends but there … Continue reading “Lying, Stealing, and Mental Illness…………BAD MIXTURE??????????”

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Openfaithful asked 6 years ago • 
Am I suppose to walk away?

Should I be blaming myself that things aren’t working. My ex and I broke things off recently, we were having so many problems, I feel … Continue reading “Am I suppose to walk away?”

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Openlonelyconfused asked 6 years ago • 
Somebody Tell me…..

To stay strong!!!! That a lying, cheating, selfish, inconsiderate, unappreciative man isn’t worth it!!! Going to see lawyer Friday….I feel weak with guilt for whatever … Continue reading “Somebody Tell me…..”

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Open2much2handle asked 6 years ago • 
After a break up…

So, i dated this man i loved to death for half a decade. It was that kind of love you only know once in life, … Continue reading “After a break up…”

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OpenWillGetThru asked 6 years ago • 
Was it someone’s fault here? Or, was it just young love?

So, recently (well, 6 months ago) out of a 6 year relationship. It’s now kind of starting to sink in that were not together anymore. … Continue reading “Was it someone’s fault here? Or, was it just young love?”

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OpenMissy22 asked 6 years ago • 
Why can’t we be friends?

So this guy that I dated on and off for a year and a half doesn’t wanna be my friend whenever we break up. I … Continue reading “Why can’t we be friends?”

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OpenIntrovertical_Turtle asked 6 years ago • 
Monster or Human.

I broke up with my ex about 3 weeks ago, and not in a very good way. It shames me to say it, but when … Continue reading “Monster or Human.”

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OpenBeckylouise asked 6 years ago • 
breaking up

are there any easy ways to break up with someone?

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Openontheedge asked 6 years ago • 
What should I do ?

i have been with my girl friend for 6 years ( she is 24, im 27). I recently found out some things that destroyed me … Continue reading “What should I do ?”

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Openjessiemay asked 6 years ago • 
Why does he want to be friends?

My boyfriend broke up with about three months ago. We were seeing each other for about four months, and in hindsight I guess there were … Continue reading “Why does he want to be friends?”

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