Is texting, calling and emailing another woman cheating?

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lied_to_three_times asked 4 years ago

Let me start at the beginning a few years ago my husband was texting and calling this woman he meet working out of town. She worked in a hotel that he stayed at frequently. I had read some of them and they were flirting. We worked through it and he promised to never do it again or hurt me again. Well i should of known better.He is doing it again with a woman he had been in contact with for work. he is texting, emailing and calling ths other woman. She is telling him how bad her husband is in the texts. She lives in another state but was in the area recently and he tried to get her to have breakfast with him.  He was also trying to get her to come and meet for coffeee one day. she turned him down and apologized for not meeting. So I know they have not had an affair. I dont know what to do. I cant make it on my own but I am seriously hurt, bitter and honestly fed up.