torn between 2 ppl hubby & chap ice been avin affair with for a yr

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Donna_Soundy asked 10 months ago

hi id like a little advice plz thank u ive been married 33yrs in june 18mths ago i found out my hubby ad been txtin no sex talk sum 1 on net not fb just 2 escape reality i got his fone & saw on it every msg was sayin i love u he swore he ad neva met her nothin in it well we avnt slept in same bed 4 6yrs neva go any where hes always up stairs im always down stairs any way i believed him tried 2 make our relation ship better but got nothin bak off him i tried then in feb last yr i met this chap we hit it off we r so alike we ended up avin an affair which im still seeing him & love him so much a mth ago i found out my hubby ad been seein sum women behind my bak goin 2 see her wen im at work he says not sexual & doesnt love her mine is & i do him but that doesnt matter hes still seeing her yes we are both as bad as each oth . but i did try & make our marriage work last yr b4 i met my chap . well i confronted my hubby he admitted he was seein sum 1 i told him.bout me from that day we both live 2 gether we own our house but the Q is wat do i do ? my new chap makes me happy as helped me so much we get on so well me my hubby dont we argue bicker alot my new chap is the 1 i want 2 txt see make love 2 not hubby but hubby pays my bills & his a gud man im lucky in that way cus hes 1 in mollion as a provider but theres nothing left between us asnt been for yrs yrs . but i must stress i do love my hubby but not the way i shud do i stay wiv hubby knowing i will b very unhappy living a lonely boring life or lose hubby stay wiv the chap who i laff wiv ave a great chemisrty wiv & love lots i cant inagine my life wiv out either 2 b honest but my new chap as helped me so much opened my heart i show my feelings cudnt wiv hubby this last yr as been a blast but now i ave 2 choose my hubby who ive been wiv since 16 bored out my brains with or my new chap ? but i do no in time this cud fizzle out the same way but hopin it wudnt .tjank uv4 reading my story very complicated wudnt wish this on any 1 .