Found dirty stuff on bfs old phone and denys its him doing it

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Riewhicur asked 2 years ago

So my bf of a year and a half and I have been going through a rough patch. While he was at work he had his old phone laying around and I got nosey. He had left it in my car before and I had found that a girl he knows sent him a topless pic. He apologized and blocked her. I decided to look again and the app whisper was on there. I have used it before, its where you can post and talk anonymously to people. I found lots of sexual and firty stuff between him and women. There was a nude or two as well. It was dated at the time we were together. I was pissed. I confronted him about it and claimed it was becuase the phone had been off a while that the dating was wrong. I called bs on it because he and sent a picture of him and his dog that he got while we were dating. I got anger about it. He then calimed that his phone was hacked becuase he had used his phone to acess the dark web. While I know this happenes I still think its a load of bs. I am more angry that hes lying about than even about the messages. What do I do? Maybe hes embarssed about it, I am not sure. Nothing like this is on his new phone. I have done stuff in our relationship that I have had to own up to. I wish he would do the same. What should I do?