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Kari66 asked 4 years ago

I’ve lived with my partner for 10 years & we recently married he moved away from his family to be with me & we have been mostly very happy however though recently I’ve noticed a big change in him he’s stopped sleeping with me & although I make an effort I feel like I have to beg for sex & if he does agree to it he’s rough & I don’t enjoy it at all he’s lost all his tenderness . He’s also become very selfish & puts himself first with everything but the most painful thing for me is that he spends his entire day & night messaging his daughter in law & he laughs a lot at the messages & he speaks so fondly of her , at first I just thought he was just being a cool father in law but he seems to dote on the messages a lot she sends his pictures of her feet nails hair etc which I find strange but I just assumed he was close to her . Then recently he bought a phone which he borrowed money from me to buy as it cost more than he had saved & he was insisting that he would sell it on at a profit but I’ve since found out he’s given it to her but he didn’t tell me until I found out …. It’s just made me start to think why he is spending so much time & doting on her so much …. I’m wondering if he has developed feelings for her …I’m so confused … I don’t feel like I can say anything because I could be wrong but it just seems like he spends more time talking to her than he ever does me these days …. If I broach this subject with him it would cause an almighty row he’s very hot tempered & it could ruin my relationship with his family but I have such uneasy feelings . I’ve never felt like this with any other female he’s known so its not that I’m jealous or anything but Its just I’ve noticed changes … Anybody who can offer advice on this would be greatly appreciated . Thanks up front

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sussyoptions answered 1 week ago

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