My boyfriend almost cheated on me, what do I do?

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kaylagirl2121 asked 9 months ago

My boyfriend has been cheated on 3 times before in his past relationships. Ever since we started dating he always told me “never hurt me, don’t cheat on me” and I have 10000% loyal to him. Then I find out that he has talked to 3 different girls asking them to come over. He was very flirty with them. When I confronted him about it he lied about it for days and wouldn’t admit it. He eventually gave in and admitted what he did wrong and promise me he wouldn’t ever hurt me again. I love him to death and don’t want to end things because I believe he isn’t lying. But then yet again he lied to me before so how do I know I won’t get hurt again. If you were me, what would you do? Plz help. 

1 Answers
TSD16 answered 9 months ago

You don’t know.  That’s the risk you take in trust in a relationship.  You sound like you are young, there are other men out there, drop em and move on.

strongstyle28 answered 2 weeks ago

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