Please help, do you think she’s still interested in me?

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starry asked 6 years ago

I met this realllly pretty girl at school and got her number. We went on 1 date and it went great. Things got messed up bc her ex came back into the pic and wanted to get back with her (she dumped him about 6 months ago). I was a little annoyed at the situation and backed off and stopped talking to her. She told me she doesn’t want him, but I guess my ego was still a little bruised.

We stopped talking for 2 months outside of school bc I stopped texting her, but we talked here and there on campus. I’m really into her, so I decided to text her last week. She responded and we talked for a few hours. She texted me a day later, and we talked again. Then Thursday was the last day of class and I texted her again and asked how she was celebrating. She told me she was at a club with her friends. She’s really, reallyyyy pretty, so I admit I got a little jealous. I asked her “are all the guys hitting on you?” And she responded saying “awww no, I don’t really invite that kinda stuff, I’m just dancing w my friends =)” We continued to talk until 3am, when she said she was going to bed.

Do you think she’s still interested in me or is possibly  upset that I stopped talking to her all that time? She’s friendly and nice so I can’t tell if she’s interested or just being polite. I don’t wanna ask her cuz I’m embarassed for ignoring her. Help?