I need some 2nd date advice, what do you think he meant?

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starry asked 6 years ago

So I went on a great 2nd date with a guy tonight. He put his arm around me, we held hands in the theater, and on the way out I reached for his hand and we held hands.

As we walked out of the theater, he asked if I was looking for a serious relationship or just dating around, and I said serious. He said that’s what he wanted too, but that it took him a little time to get to the point where he was sure about that, and I said that seemed normal and fine, that I also wanted to get to know him better first.

Then he said he felt unsure about how I was feeling because he felt that I “have a guard up, physically.” I’m not sure what he meant. After he said that, we got on the elevator. We gave each other a peck on the lips in the elevator, and made out a little before he dropped me off.

We’ve only been on 2 dates- once to a show, and tonight to dinner and a movie. On the first date he went for a kiss at the end, but I turned and let him kiss me on the cheek because that’s just what I was comfortable with.

Guys, what do you think he meant? Should I have hugged/kissed him more or something? I know I should have asked him, and I plan to next time, but now it’s kind of bugging me because I don’t know what he meant by having my “guard up physically”