Is it going somewhere?

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TheUncertain asked 6 years ago

Hey guys! I would just like to say thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and can give me some advice or an opinion on this pretty crappy situation, it means a lot. But i shall cut to the chase as times a wastin’.

I’ve been seeing a guy for the last four months or so, and have developed some pretty strong feelings for him. I’m not really the kind of gal to develope such feelings passion toward another person in my 20 years of experience, so this has kind of caught me off guard. Note: This strapping chap is 26, so a fair bit older with much more experience than I. 

So, when we first started seeing each other, it was fantastic. Holding hands, going for walks, kissing in public and just talking (and of course, nooky). It looked like it was going in a pretty obvious direction! He would often tell me that he thought I was amazing, gorgeous.. all of the nice stuff. He even took me for a weekend away!

Within the last two months however, he has stopped all of that. We talk everyday via text (WITHOUT FAIL!) And see each other between 1 and 3 times per week. we will go for dinner, and play fight (as maturing people do, hah) and just have a great time. BUT he will never show affection toward me in person now, but will drop hints via text after I have gotten home, Telling me how lovely I looked and that he wanted to ravish me (Pardon that) ect. 

Recently, he went away on business and told me that he was missing me and actually called me for the first time! He continued to text me everyday whilst he was gone, but when he returned everything went back to normal. He once informed me that he has issues with committment due to a previous relationship, but I can’t help but think that it sounds slightly suss.

So, In conclusion, I am not his girlfriend. He is not my boyfriend.

But does anyone see any potential there? Or am I getting the ole’ fiddle play? I just don’t know what to do, as feelings have been developed on my end.

Thanks again for any input!