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Confused8855 asked 6 years ago

So I met this guy months back and we’ve been dating for almost 4 months now. I have been wanting to get serious and the reason he will not commit is becasue of my weight. There are other reasons but thats not the issue anymore. He thinks it so easy to lose weight especially for me and its not. I only need to lose 20 more pounds, ive lost about 15 already. I gained my weight because I am on depression medicine. I use to be super skinny and gained a good amount of weight but am losing it and want to lose more for myself but its not like I have to lose alot more. Anyways I told him in about the beginning when he told me this that it would be fine with me only because I really like him and care about him as he says he does me. But why is weight such an issue then to fully commit to someone I dont get it?! HELP PLEASE! Im so sick of getting hurt all of the time.