how do you take things slow when you already have strong feelings

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hopelessromantic10 asked 6 years ago

About a month ago I started talking to a guy on a date site, after a few days we exchanged numbers and began texting which lead to talking on the phone. After the first week we had already started talking everyday several times a day. We were very confortable talking to each other and telling each other things from the start like we knew each other for years. We had already discussed that we like each other a lot before we even met, which came around week three. The first time meeting we ended up spending the entire weekend together because things were already very comfortable and natural between us. I want to point out tho that we did not sleep together, nothing more happen than us kissing. After our weekend together we discussed that we are seeing each other, won’t see other people, but we arent in a full blown relationship because we want to take it slow and not ruin thibgs. While i am fully agreed that taking things slow is the right thing to do my emotions have a different plan. I already really like this man, he has absolutely swept me off my feet with the sweet little things he does and just the overall way he is, so this leads to my question. How do i remain okay with taking things slow when my feelings for him are already building? Do i talk to him about how im feeling or try to hide it all? Please i need advice before i drive myself crazy hahaha