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Opensteelside asked 7 years ago • 
I have fallen for a girl who sees me as a good friend.

This girl used to be one of the best friend’s girlfriends. That’s how I met her, and was introduced to her. We became friends while … Continue reading “I have fallen for a girl who sees me as a good friend.”

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OpenThe_Doctor asked 6 years ago • 
Why they don’t call after a first date

If you have ever experienced it, you will know what a sinking worrying gutting feeling it is when someone doesn’t call you after what seemed … Continue reading “Why they don’t call after a first date”

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Openxander asked 6 years ago • 
met someone amazing and…

So a few years back i met this girl through a friend.  Initially she saw me in some pictures, got my number and contacted me. … Continue reading “met someone amazing and…”

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Openmountainblues asked 6 years ago • 

i’ve been dating this wonderful man for the past month.  Although we have talked about the age difference, he doesn’t know exactly how many years there are … Continue reading “SHOULD I REVEAL MY AGE?”

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OpenChicknbut asked 6 years ago • 
Romantic date

I want to take my boyfriend on a date but I’m not sure what I can do that’s not really cheesy that he will enjoy. … Continue reading “Romantic date”

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OpenlilMiss asked 6 years ago • 
Dont know what to think.

Well basically Ive been friends with this guy for over 5 yrs now and over the years i start developing feelings for him and am … Continue reading “Dont know what to think.”

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OpenInso_Mniaque asked 6 years ago • 
say hi if u r here

i’m new here and i’d like to make new freinds F so i’m waiting

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OpenDickent asked 7 years ago • 
I didnt want to look cheap but now I am skint!

I have been taking a girl out on a few dates and things are going  pretty well. I know she used to have a rich … Continue reading “I didnt want to look cheap but now I am skint!”

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OpenMickie_Miller asked 7 years ago • 
Am I too “picky”?

I’m 32, I have been married and divorced, have 2 wonderful children.  I’ve never been one for short-term relationships, my last relationship was 10 years. … Continue reading “Am I too “picky”?”

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OpenKate asked 7 years ago • 
Past Loves

Ok here’s the deal. I am 41 I dated a guy 21 years ago which we have a son .. Even though we have a … Continue reading “Past Loves”

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OpenRonnie_Ruyonga asked 7 years ago • 
i like her alot but i can’t read the signs

Hey.. I like this lay so much. I am 26 and she is 32. I have known her for about 6 months now. We work … Continue reading “i like her alot but i can’t read the signs”

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OpenAceHigh asked 6 years ago • 
A bloody battle between my head & my heart

Ok, not really sure how I should go about telling this but I guess ill start with a little bit about me. I should warn you that … Continue reading “A bloody battle between my head & my heart”

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Openlake57 asked 6 years ago • 
Great guy, no spark?

I recently have gone on 4 dates with a really great guy, I met online. We have so much in common and he’s sweet, creative, … Continue reading “Great guy, no spark?”

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Openhammer31 asked 6 years ago • 
advice/opinion: what should I do

My ex is claiming she’s pregnant and hasn’t shown me one bit of proof. She left me in late August for another guy, then two … Continue reading “advice/opinion: what should I do”

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Openmsliz47 asked 6 years ago • 
I like someone & I dont want to blow it!!!

Im in my late 40s and I met someone that I like and I dont want to blow it because I have a tendency of … Continue reading “I like someone & I dont want to blow it!!!”

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