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PenguinPecker asked 11 months ago

Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ll start from the beginning. I’m 27 and been in a relationship for 10 years, we live together at my parents house. Long story short, I have never been close to my parents until my brother left about 8 years ago when they needed my help as he left them in great financial difficulties. Since then I have grown really close to both of them, they are doing better on money now but still not great. Down to the complicated part. Me and my boyfriend have been arguing for about a year now about different things but the last 3 months it has been about him wanting us to move out asap. I’ve told him I want to but I’m not promising in the new year because we as a partner needs to be stronger. I also am really worried that if I did move out with him, I’ll be constantly choosing between my parents and him, if my parents needs help, no matter what then I want to be there for them. He Keeps arguing that they are more important to me than he is, obviously I keep reassuring him but honestly, it’s coming to the point of me just wanting to walk away from us. I love him but all this argument, all his reaction to my parents etc is driving me away. It feels like we have little to no connection anymore. It’s not like my parents are with us 24/7, we have our own bedroom and living room basically. I have more things in common with my dad than I do him. 
Basically I need help on deciding what’s right and what isn’t anymore, it all feels like one big lump. Sorry for blabbering on. Feel free to ask questions