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smark asked 2 years ago

A first date is always a nerve wracking situation and of course you do not want to leave a bad impression especially on this very special day. You are probably anxious and you cannot stop the butterflies in your stomach but you still need to come into your senses and avoid those first date mistakes men usually commit.
Here are the common first date mistakes you should avoid
Don’t be late. This is the number one first date mistake that you should avoid. You should be punctual and it is not cool to keep your date waiting. Your date is also nervous like you and it makes her more anxious if you keep her waiting. It is impolite to let the girl wait for you. Be respectful and arrive on time.
Do not let your nervousness rule over you. Being clumsy is another first date mistake you should avoid. Manage your worries or anxiousness. Keep your presence of mind, stop worrying and thinking about the outcome of this date. Just enjoy the moment; first date should be exciting and enjoyable.
Do not forget to dress properly and groom yourself. Wearing the right clothes for the occasion is very important for creating a great first impression. In this case, you want to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. However, you need to take care that you neither overdress nor under-dress for the occasion. If that happens, you might find yourself more focused on your clothing, rather than the date, especially if the venue for the date is a surprise. To avoid such awkward moments, it is prudent to ask questions beforehand and get an idea of how you should dress for the occasion.
Do not forget your manners. Of course you have to prove that chivalry is not yet dead and there are still good-mannered men who treat women like a princess. It is a first date mistake to assume that modern women no longer appreciate little things like opening doors, pulling chairs and saying please. Women always want to be treated with courtesy and respect.