Not sure what is happening, I’m lost.

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Bubtroge asked 4 years ago

I’m gonna make the past story short. 9 months ago I liked a guy, he gave me all the signs. He rejected me, he liked another girl. It was okay, I was hurt but I got over it and moved on. The next day he acted like nothing happened. He still did all the signs. I ignored him because I was hurt. Two days later we left the school where we meet. The past 9 months I’ve only meet him once, he acted interested.

Now 9 months later the guy and I meet at the school again, we’re going to live and study here for about 4 or 5 weeks. And he still act interested. He still stare at me, diractly or from the corner of his eye. Even if he sit with his back facing me, he will somehow end up sitting in a way so he is able to see me. He looks at me if I laughs or if something funny happens.
He treat me differently from the other girls, he got no problems saying something other girls or hand them things. Then there’s me, he can’t say a word to me or hand me things. If our teacher asked him to hand me and the other people on this school a paper where our assignment is on, he would hand everyone their assignment except me, that has happened.

I’m so confused about this I’ve never been this confused about a guy before. If he don’t like me, why all the hassle? Why is he acting like this?
Please some help.