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Cothence asked 4 years ago

Okay, I have asked a few people but I need ultimately an overalll opinion of the situation. I am an overthinker, and I believe I have over thought the entire situation.

About a 5 months ago, a guy came into my life. One of my sorority sisters had a huge crush on him, but he never liked her. She asked him to formal and tried to pursue him. He had no interest. At formal, he took an interest in me and got my phone number from somone and I still don’t know how. Being sisterly, I basically rejected his attempts in getting to know me.

About a month ago, he saw me walking to class a few times, and insisted on giving me a ride. He would always take the long way to class though so I ended up being late. Even around this time, he tried to plan on going to a concert with me.

Not much was heard from him since a month ago.

Recently, this past week, I asked him to do me a favor. Initally, he did not mind at all. He asked if I would be interested in grabbing a bite to eat. Midway through the week, we ate and shared a good and deep conversation. At this moment, I knew I had an interest in him and I suddenly became nervous around him. I am very outgoing, but to him, I was nervous. Towards the end of the week on Friday, there was a party hosted. At the party, he saw me, but he kept starring over in my direction. He is a very outgoing, friendly, genuine guy, He would make glances in my direction the entire night. Once he came over to talk to me, the conversation was short and sweet. Later I tried to find him to ask him to be my spring formal date, but he was gone. I texted him and asked him if he was avaliable and if he would like to go and he said he was very excited and would love to go with me. The next day, he played in a softball tournament for our philanthropy event and, again, would look in my direction but never talk to me. Once he left the event, he made up an excuse to text me. Later that night he asked me if I would like to go to church with him the next morning. We went to church and he was quiet spoken but was talking to me. I didn’t hear from him all day Sunday, so I texted him thanking him for asking me and he mentioned me going with him again on this upcoming Wednesday. Today, I didn’t hear again from him, but I saw him at a greek cookout. He kept looking at me, came over to me after a little while and said a few words to me and left..

Is he interested in me? How should I play the situation out? I do not want to rush into anything, but I want to understand if there are feelings so I can risk putting a little bit of my heart out there.