Is it ever ok to ask a girl out twice?

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Toneatink asked 4 years ago

Hi, any advice appreciated!

Around 6/7 weeks ago I plucked up the courage to ask out a girl I see quite regularly through a friend. She’s not really the type to give much away so I didnt really know what she’d say. She said yes and we went out, had a great night, made tacit plans to go out again. She text the next day saying she had a great time.

After that it all went a little downhill. She seemed a little hesitant. And, when we finally went out again, she said she just wanted to be friends as she “didnt know” how she felt and everything was too stressful with her life (she has a kid). This was a complete change from the first night. She seemed a bit nervous and a part of me thinks it’s because I’m the first guy she went out with after splitting up with the father of her child a couple of years back.

Anyway, I’ve seen her a lot since and it hasnt been awkward or anything. On occasion I even think she might regret ending it so soon, though other times I think she’s not interested. Is it ok to try asking someone out again? I know it may be clutching at straws but I can’t help but think because of the kid and everything I might just have to work a bit harder than usual at it. On the other hand I may just be being silly and should drop it- it’s possible she was just trying to be nice when she ended it last time. I wouldn’t even know how to approach it!