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Is a coworker flirting with me or just being too nice?

HomeCategory: FlirtingIs a coworker flirting with me or just being too nice?
MusicLover101 asked 5 years ago

I am so confused. I have been working at my new job for over a month and i have met all my coworker within the first week of the job. Anyways, there is this one coworker that is sending me mixed signals. Every time that we work together ( we are both sales associates), we stand next to each other, we work together to make a sale ( which i know that is normal) but anytime that it’s slow or not many people in the store, I catch him staring at me from a distance or even right next to me. He also checks where i am in the store by looking over his shoulder and quickly looking away. I know that i stare at him when he stares at me but that’s it. Plus i dont know if this is polite conversation but he asks what i am doing later , where i live, and he always tries to make me laugh. He could talk to anyone else that he has known/worked with longer, but he comes up to me. Any advice or tip to tell the difference of flirting and/or being overly nice?