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Ideas needed.

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Stiong asked 5 years ago

I am in college to become a preschool teacher and they sent me to a preschool to volunteer. I was nervous about going but the staff at this place are amazing. The one lady from probably the first day I started there was trying to play match maker and get her friend who also works there as a teacher to like me. She would tease us and point out what we have in common. It got a little old but I feel it now. She is 26 years old and we really do have a lot in common. She is beautiful and I like a lot of things about her. The first 2 weeks of her friend trying to get us to talk did not work but then suprisingly she gave me her number and facebook. We have been messaging ever since and I feel like we might be connecting a little. Her friend even told me she says nice things about me. My concerns are that she is 4 years older than me and has a higher education so she might not really consider me as dating material. She is also extremely busy with a bunch of different things she does so I have not yet been able to take her on a date. Her friend said she will make time for me. She did say that going fishing together sounds like a great idea.She will usually message me if I ask her to so I feel like she is at least a little interested. So far we have discussed our common interests and I have asked her a ton of questions so we could get to know each other better. We discussed past relationships and a few other pretty deep topics so we aren’t just talking about nonsense. I need ideas on how I can seal the deal and get that first date before she changes her mind and stops talking to me. Being a teacher she will be off work until late August starting tomorrow although she still has a ton of other things going on. I would like to take her somewhere local for food and then maybe head to one of the parks because she loves the outdoors. I am planning to bring pink flowers (her favorite color). I want this to work out because honestly I am kind of picky with girls (not in a shallow way) and she is exactly what I am looking for.