Quiting through concepts

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resolute asked 4 years ago

Over the last few years I have tried to understand how to attract a nice girl.  Trying to be more outgoing, turned into flirting.  People tell me I’m such a nice guy which I believe is because I honestly try to be nice to everyone.  I realize I need to stop flirting but it’s really hard.  My old self comes out here and there.  When I was younger I had low self esteem and would hit on the girls. Over the last few weeks of self analyzing I have decided flirting makes me feel cheap.  If I did find a nice girl,  it would be a roadblock for us. I need to take care of this. After looking on youtube I realize something I do alot is considered flirting: steady eye contact.  People also talk about “hinting” through verbal and nonverbal.  My QUESTION:  Does it come down to just knowing how to distance yourself?  How do I balance out genuinely being friendly with distance?