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Is he attracted to me?

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ladiit asked 4 years ago

Me & this guy work @ the same company. I never noticed or paid any attention 2 him until lately (when I started 2 see him around more). The more I saw him the more I realized I had seen him a few times in the past (that I remembered). 1 day I was in my car & he was pulled up 2 go inside. He stared @ me from the time he got out of his car til the time he got in the building. His job requires him 2 be in different departments. Once we happened to be in the same department & we locked eyes. I work in a lab w/ windows (for inspectors) & every time he walks past the window he’s looking in there @ me. 4 some strange reason I usually do not look up @ the window when somebody walks by but every time I do it’s him. He speaks 2 me every time he sees me in the hall (which could be just him being friendly). I have noticed that I would wear a certain color shirt one day & the next day I would see him with the same color shirt I wore the previous day (may be coincidence). One day we saw each other in the hall & he was asking me how my day was going. He was kinda rambling on & repeating himself (maybe he was nervous). There was also one time where we were leaving work @ the same time & I was walking out of the building towards my car & he was already in his car (we park near each other) & he could have easily went 2 the left which was closer but he went to the right towards me (like he was about to pull up 2 me) then he turned back around & went the opposite way. Is he attracted to me?