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Stuck! Does he like me? What should I do?

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Just_being_me asked 4 years ago

Ok so here is the deal. I like this guy and i don’t know if he likes me. He is the manager of a gym I started going to. He always brings up how i am always smiling and when i walk in he always says there she is. We have found a common interest in dogs. I remember one time we were talking about his dogs in his office and after 15mins i had to run. Not to mention we slowly moved the convo outside of his office. I don’t know if that was directed by me though. The whole coversation was not about dogs but we did express how much we love them. A couple hours later he texted me a picture of his 2 dogs and we texted for a while talking about how cute they we and how they need to come spend the time with me.

This made me think heh, he was thinking about me long enough to send me a picture and this is a little closer than a customer relationship, but i don’t want to take it too far. Since I have been at the gym he has complimented me on how i am slimmimg down and he never breaks eye contact when he talks to me. Sometimes he gives me explanations of where he was, if he missed a day of work without me even asking. 

At this point I am really confused. Also something that might be getting in the way, the age difference. He is probaly in his early 30’s and i am 19, but my bday is coming up soon. And he can see I am very independent and stable. We have the same birthday month. Also I don’t know if there is a policy of him dating customers. Another thing is that i am really close to the staff at the gym and I am nice to everyone. Me being nice can be sending him mixed signals even though I am extra nice too him, don’t know if he see’s it and me being close to the staff means if we ever did go out and become more the whole staff might interfier in ways.

STUCK!!! And he might be losing intrest if he has any. It’s been 5 months of these mixed signals i have been getting from hime. Help!