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Who wants to help high school romance?

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cburan744 asked 4 years ago

So last Saturday, a senior girl in high school texted me if I wanted to drive around. I (being a male hs junior) automatically said sure. We’ve been on/off friends for three years now, and she’s said she would hook up with me anytime. So I sneak out when my parents are asleep around 10:30 and get in her car. She drives a couple blocks to a parking lot where we talk for 10 minutes then make out for another 10. She drove me home after and seemed a little uninterested when I made small talk on the way back.

About ten minutes after I make it back home, I text her thanks for driving over and say “Things aren’t gonna be awkward between us right?”. She texted back “Yeah just don’t expect me to get really attached to you. I had three really bad dating experiences. I like you and stuff but I don’t wanna hold your hand in the halls or whatever. Is that cool? We can still hook up and hang out of course.” I texted back sure and goodnight. She also texted me asking if my parents are not home often, to which I said yes. She said we could “have more fun” because a minivan is too small to hookup in and to call her when they’re not home.She actually seems like someone I would date seriously given the chance.

The next couple days in school she seems to be ignoring me and kind of distant. What does this mean and what should I do? Thoughts? How can I get her to trust me that I won’t be another bad date?