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Met someone a girl at the but blew my chance! Help!

HomeCategory: FlirtingMet someone a girl at the but blew my chance! Help!
Lewis99 asked 4 years ago

I was in the park this morning doing some exercise with my dog, when about half way through this girl ran past. She seemed nice and fairly attractive. Later on when I was doing laps around the oval she passed me whilst she was running and said hi, I said hey back. I had a chance to talk to her at one point when she was sitting down and stretching but I didn’t take it. I went back to doing my exercises and walking the dog, we passed again and smiled at each other. At that point I said to myself “Ok Lewis, no more excuses, next time she sits down go say hello and talk to her.” So just as I was about to leave she sat down for a rest and I was walking over but then I saw she was with another girl, a friend I guess because they were talking. At that point I basically chickened out and walked home. I think they may have been talking about me at one point because I saw them glance over at me a couple times as I was leaving.

I’ve been kicking myself all morning for not talking to her. I think this is a problem for me. I always take ages to work up the courage to go talk to someone and if they are in a group, I just can’t do it. Furthermore apart from saying hi and paying them a compliment I would have no idea what to say next. I’m annoyed because I’m going back to school soon and may not see her again, so I feel like i’ve blown my chance.

I’m really annoyed about what happened. Any advice on how to avoid it happening again?