Is it normal to be turned off by lots of s&x talk?

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Liasb asked 5 years ago

I made friends with a guy from work a few months ago. I think he fancies me, and has said several explicit things to me, in person, by text and online like (paraphrasing as best as I can):

“Can we **** please?”
“Send me a pic of your tits”
“You probably have a nice tight p***y”
“I really wanna lick you out”
“You have lovely boobs”
“I want to smash your front and back doors in”

And lots more. He does also call me beautiful sometimes, but I feel like that’s overridden by all the other lewd comments he makes.

I liked him as a friend, but I can’t fancy him when he keeps speaking to me like that. He’s seems way too sex-mad for me, and I worry he doesn’t see me as much more than a sex object. It’s also overwhelming as he’s the first guy to act that way towards me.

I don’t need a guy to treat me like that, being all sex mad in order to get me to fancy him; just being a generally friendly and interesting person with plenty of decent conversation will do.

Is this unusual for me to feel like this? Am I possibly at all demisexual, have a low sex drive, or just prefer a personality and romance rather than just sex?

By the way, I’m a virgin as I just haven’t found the right guy yet, and this guy certainly won’t be it.