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OpenMissy22 asked 6 years ago • 
Guys in Relationships and Single Girls

Ok so here is a question for ya! Guys in relationships must love me because they always hit on me, flirt, and ask me out … Continue reading “Guys in Relationships and Single Girls”

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OpenShae asked 6 years ago • 
Does he like me and what should I do??!

I’m currently a student in highschool. I have a friend who started at my school last September (2012). Ever since he came to the school … Continue reading “Does he like me and what should I do??!”

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OpenAssfor asked 7 years ago • 
Escorting for Extra Cash

First of all hello to everyone on here. I have been checking out some of the discusisons and it seems like a great idea for … Continue reading “Escorting for Extra Cash”

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