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OpenAmyboz asked 6 years ago • 
Is he really shy or what on Earth is this?

So, last weekend I went three days on a trip. I didn’t know many people there but I spend a lot of time with a … Continue reading “Is he really shy or what on Earth is this?”

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Openstarry asked 6 years ago • 
How do I flirt with this guy?

A guy I met at school has invited me to his art show next week. I don’t want to be too obvious but at the … Continue reading “How do I flirt with this guy?”

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OpenTomfeltonfan109 asked 6 years ago • 

Theres this guy in my year that hits on me. I’ve told him im not interested and have a boyfriend but he persists. What do … Continue reading “guy”

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OpenKaylyn95 asked 6 years ago • 
seducing guys with awkwardness….

Hey, So I have some serious flirting problems that I need some help with. I’m a very anxious and nervous type of person and can … Continue reading “seducing guys with awkwardness….”

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OpenLewis99 asked 4 years ago • 
Met someone a girl at the but blew my chance! Help!

I was in the park this morning doing some exercise with my dog, when about half way through this girl ran past. She seemed nice … Continue reading “Met someone a girl at the but blew my chance! Help!”

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OpenZangano asked 7 years ago • 
Dating in your 20s

Hello site, long time reader first time poster. I am currently 6 months from my 25th birthday, and have been single since I was 17. … Continue reading “Dating in your 20s”

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Openjazzt asked 7 years ago • 
can’t believe my friend

So I’ve liked this kid for about a year now and there were rumors that he liked this other girl. But they weren’t dating… Yet. … Continue reading “can’t believe my friend”

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Openhat27 asked 7 years ago • 

There’s this guy, Sam. We’ve known eachother for a couple years now and have some mutual friends. I’ve always had a bit of a crush … Continue reading “Confused”

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OpenOlneved asked 6 years ago • 
I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Ok. So, I recently hooked up with my friend’s ex-drug dealer. We had sex twice and the third time I went over to see him, … Continue reading “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing”

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OpenLabellaC asked 6 years ago • 
what is flirting ?

me personally i do not know how to flirt. i dont know what it is.. i have a hard time talking to people also and … Continue reading “what is flirting ?”

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Openladiit asked 4 years ago • 
Is he attracted to me?

Me & this guy work @ the same company. I never noticed or paid any attention 2 him until lately (when I started 2 see … Continue reading “Is he attracted to me?”

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OpenJust_being_me asked 4 years ago • 
Stuck! Does he like me? What should I do?

Ok so here is the deal. I like this guy and i don’t know if he likes me. He is the manager of a gym … Continue reading “Stuck! Does he like me? What should I do?”

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Opencburan744 asked 4 years ago • 
Who wants to help high school romance?

So last Saturday, a senior girl in high school texted me if I wanted to drive around. I (being a male hs junior) automatically said … Continue reading “Who wants to help high school romance?”

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Opencloud285 asked 4 years ago • 
Just friends?

Does it have any significance if a female friend buys a guy cologne for xmas? Is it just a nice present or is there a … Continue reading “Just friends?”

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OpenPotato asked 7 years ago • 
Lost for words…

I have a hard time talking to guys i’m interested in. sometimes i have trouble breathing…when i do talk to them i end up talking … Continue reading “Lost for words…”

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